Clean Curls

It’s one the most dreaded days of the week, besides Monday’s of course. It’s WASH DAY! *cues evil music*

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

Next is shampooing. I always focus on my scalp and work in the rest. Shampooing is not something I do regularly, it probably only happens about twice a month. I only do it when my hair is showing me signs that it needs a detox (let me know if you want me to talk about these signs). If I choose to shampoo, I use Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum shampoo. This shampoo smells like ROSES🌹and contains biotin! My hands down favorite cleanser (I use this stuff on the regular) is the Deva Curl Decadence No poo! Its safe for natural hair because it doesn’t strip your hair’s natural oils. This product has a similar texture to conditioner and there is absolutely NO lather. It leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling great!

Favorite Carol’s Daughter Conditioner (Taken by @byvarrol on Instagram)

When I’m conditioning I always apply it in sections, usually 4. Lately I have been LOVING Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla conditioner and let me tell you, this stuff is the truth! It leaves my hair feels super soft and hydrated, just like the product advertises👌🏾! If I’m not using that, I’m using the Deva Curl Decadence One Condition. The deva curl decadence line comes highly recommended by all the gurus and I can see why. It’s super moisturizing and I’m IN LOVE with the smell 🙌🏾! I ALWAYS detangle when conditioner is in my hair. TIP: If you finger detangle or use a shower comb, ball up your shedded hair and stick it to the wall of your shower. This prevents your hair from clogging your drains!

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner (taken by @byvarrol on Instagram)

The final and most vital step in my wash day routine is DEEP CONDTIONING! Deep conditioning KEEPS MY CURLS ON FLEEK! If you don’t already, you NEED to get your life and add deep conditioning to your regimen! One of my favorites is Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. I deep condition twice a week, but only one of those times will I use heat. I keep it in for 20 minutes and sit under my hooded dryer if I’m using heat. If I’m not using heat I apply the DC in the shower, put a shower cap on and just continue with my shower. I will rinse once I’m finished. I’ve been using this product since before I went fully natural, about 6 years now. I always seem to reach for Mixed Chicks, even for my wash and go’s.

Thanks for staying with me! Next week I will talk about how I style my wash and go and the products that always give me BOMB results! Remember, love yourself always, in all ways 💖


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