“Why did you cut your hair?”

I feel like it’s important to talk about the process of going natural. When I decided to big chop, I’m not even gonna lie I cried for like a month straight 😩. I thought my long straight hair MADE me beautiful. I was very self-conscious and unattractive with my new short haircut.

2 days post big-chop

Looking back, I regret and hate that I put so much importance in my hair and that I didn’t embrace my big chop. For those that are transitioning or thinking about big chopping, here’s some advice that will help you on your journey to embracing your natural hair and accepting yourself for you!

  1. Moisture is key🔑! Keeping your hair AND body moisturized by drinking water and by using moisturizing products will prevent breakage and promote healthy hair. Use products that have WATER as the main ingredient to keep your curls from looking as dry as the Sahara.

TIP: Use the LOC (Leave-in, Oil, Cream/Styler) method to ensure that moisture is SEALED into your hair strands

  1. Have patience. Your hair will grow if you take care of it. Hair goals cannot be reached over night! You see your hair everyday so you won’t really notice growth.

TIP: Take pictures so you can see your hair growth over time!

4 months post big chop
  1. Have a realistic goal of what your hair can and will do. If you have thin strands don’t expect too much volume (me 😓).
  2. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair! This is the time for you to become besties with your curls. To this day I’m still experimenting.
  3. Do your research! YouTube is my BEST FRIEND! Watch the techniques of others then try them out and see what works for you. You can always add or alter techniques depending on what works for your hair.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Love yourself! Your hair does not define you. You gotta love yourself in ALL WAYS💖! That means even when your hair is looking like a birds nest. I always say fake it till you make it, if you think you look good you’ll start to feel it and everyone else will notice too!
2 years post big chop

Hair is just a part of who you are, it doesn’t define who you are. Rock what you got whether it’s natural, relaxed, texturized, short, long, thin, or thick. Embrace and trust in this journey, believe me, you’ll learn A LOT about yourself! The confidence you manifest is more important than the hairstyle you have. Stay beautiful 😘 💕

P.S. The featured image is a throwback to my weave days!



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  1. mzhollywood1 says:

    Great advice. I have been natural for about 5 years now and when I started I went the transitioning route. I hated it so after a few months I did a big chop and I cried like a baby because my hair was super long. I was self-conscious just like you at first but after a while I began to love my natural hair!

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    1. Thanks for reading! I hope you follow along with updates!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mzhollywood1 says:

        I sure will! Feel free to follow both my blogs. I have another blog that I just started not that long ago about being natural its napturaltara.wordpress.com.

        Liked by 1 person

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