Not Just Hair Growth

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

A lot of people talk about how going natural is a journey but I don’t think newly naturals don’t quite understand what this means. For me, going natural taught me how to be comfortable with myself. I have seen so much personal growth since I embraced my curls. Before, I was really self-conscious and I would use my hair (weave) to hide myself. I didn’t see the beauty and uniqueness my natural hair gave me.

Cutting off my heat damaged ends only made me feel even worse about myself…AT FIRST, but I had no other choice but to embrace my short cut because I knew it wasn’t going to grow overnight. I kept trying different methods to make my hair grow faster! I was obsessed with getting LENGTH FAST and not with more important things like the health of my hair. Accepting what I looked like at the time and beginning to love how I looked was the start of my GLOW UP. Now, my hair is almost shoulder length and every once in a while I think about cutting my hair into a cute short style because I want to EMBRACE it and not be ashamed like I was when I first big chopped.

Taken by @byvarrol
Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

I will never be against perms/straight hair or weaves because if I wasn’t so terrified of heat damage I would definitely be all up in the Dominican salon getting my hair SLAYED, but I do believe that your natural hair is important to who you are. YOU are the only person in this world that has the same natural hair texture as you! That’s something special! Rocking your natural hair shows the world that you’re not afraid to go against the “norms,” and let’s not forget how amazing our products smell; you won’t have to worry about perfume!


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