Addicted to Wash and Go’s

Almost always, if you see me out and about I’m rocking a wash and go. Wash and go’s are my FAVORITE hairstyle!

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

When it comes to picking products for my wash and go’s, I tend to go for products that will do multiple jobs at once and of course that smell AMAZING! I use products that provide moisture and hold, and control frizz. I like to use only one product with my wash and go’s because I like my fro VOLUMOUS! I LOVE VOLUME! 🙌🏾

When sporting a wash and go, I’m using either Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner or Deva Curl Supercream (unless I’m experimenting). Every time I use these products my curls are FLEEKY and I always get tons of compliments😉 Both products do everything I want them to do PLUS they define my curls very well!

Here’s how I apply the products:

When applying Mixed Chicks Leave-in, I usually apply this to wet hair but not soaking wet because the product is watery itself. I apply it in four sections then work in subsections to make sure every strand is coated with product.

SONY DSCWhen I’m applying Deva Curl Supercream, I split my hair into 2 sections. This product is thicker and it spreads easier through my hair so I don’t need a lot of product; 2 pumps on each side is enough. I then work from back to the front working in the product to make sure each curl has enough product and each curl is defined. Most of the time I do this in the shower because this product works better in my hair when its soaking wet.

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

The curls in the front of my hair are looser so I use a Denman brush to define the ends of these curls. When I’m done applying the products, I flip my hair upside down and shake it out then let it air dry for at least 30 minutes or until my hair is fully dry.

 When styling, I use a diffuser on a high setting and alternate from heat to cold on each part of my hair until my fro is stretched and shaped to my liking (let me know if you’d like to see this process). For extra volume I use a comb and a pick.

Wash and go’s for me usually last 2 to 4 days depending on how I sleep (sometimes my scarf falls off). How long do your wash and go’s last? What products give you BOMB💣results? Leave a comment below and let me know your wash and go routine



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  1. Ymani says:

    I just recently went naturally, big chopping my hair in February so I’m still trying new products and trying to find a routine. Lately for my wash and gos Ive been using cantu twist and lock gel to define my curls and it works amazing !! I hated it for twist out but I love it just for defining my curls. I also like the shea moisture JBCO leave in for wash and gos. It makes the hair so soft and keeps it moisturizer all day.

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    1. I love Cantu products as well! I’ve only used both of their leave ins though, I have to experiment more lol I haven’t really mastered twistouts but I really liked my results when I used TGIN products. If you need help picking products look on YouTube!! I live on YouTube lol so many naturals giving their opinion on products it’s a great way to see how products work ☺️☺️


      1. Ymani says:

        The best twist out product that I’ve used so far is Eden Body Works coconut shea curl defining creme. Trust me I stay on YouTube lol I’m rocking a TWA and I’m just trying to find products that really make my curls pop

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      2. I’ll give them a try, thanks!


  2. onelovekris says:

    I use eco styler gel for my wash n go’s, but I need a leave in conditioner first. I’ll definitely give your products a try! 😌🌞

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  3. Great post love! You know I am a Wash N go kind of gal! Ever since we got sent our deva Curl packages I noticed Deva Curl was the best product I have used so far! Especially the supercream! But I don’t want to order it every time I need to re-up where do you buy yours from ? I can’t find it in any of the stores near me.

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    1. Thanks! I order mine off amazon!


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