Choose Happiness

Taken by @Byvarrol (Instagram)

We recently celebrated “International day of happiness” so I thought it fitting to share my thoughts on happiness. I believe being happy is not just an emotion but a state of mind. People and things can add to my happiness, but they aren’t the reason I choose to smile every day. Material things don’t MAKE me happy, only I can control my own happiness and that’s why I believe loving yourself is the key to happiness. I believe being happy is an active process. Every day I have to choose to think positively which leads me to feel happy and positive.

Positivity and self-love to me go hand in hand. I believe that you must love and accept yourself always,

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

IN all ways, in order to be fully happy, which begins with the way you talk to yourself and others. Leave negative comments and thoughts in the past! They will not help you or anyone else grow, so why speak or even think about them? Positive self-talk in an important step in self-love. Self-talk reinforces behaviors, attitudes and feeling. Be kind to yourself. Remember that one of the most important relationships you will ever have is with yourself! Keeping your thoughts positive will help you speak and act positively as well.

If you are feeling down, just know you are not alone! People who you think may have their life together and look like a “perfect person” exploding with confidence and happiness; they ALSO go through days where happiness the last thing on their mind. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Love!

When it all comes down to it, it takes time to fully let go of the idea that materialistic things or people will bring you joy. Learn to accept yourself and things for what they are. Just know, you are not alone on this journey! I am actively working on finding happiness within myself every day! One important thing I’d like to share is: don’t take little things for granted. Even if it’s just having a good hair day or getting that email saying class is cancelled, enjoy it!

Taken by @byvarrol (Instagram)

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    Cute, lovely blog by the way too. ♡

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