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Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to surround myself with some beautiful women and talk about one of my favorite things; HAIR! My curlfriend, Yamel, from KurlyCrown on Instagram hosted this meetup and I was so excited when she invited me! The guest of the night was “Miss Rizos” Carolina Contreras from Miss Rizos Salon.


Miss Rizos is such an inspiring woman! Just listening to her achievements and her journey sparked something in me. She started off as a beauty/hair blogger ( and then moved into YouTube and grew even more from there. She also used her voice to change the way people in the Dominican Republic view natural hair by opening a salon that focuses on healthy natural hair! I could go on and on about everything that Miss Rizos touched on but I’ll tell you some of the things that she spoke on that I feel would be super beneficial to young entrepreneurs like myself.

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    @Miss_Rizos on Instagram

    Trust in yourself and your journey. If you don’t have faith in yourself and your talent, you will not get very far in your journey.

  2. Define what you believe is “success” and “failure.” By doing this you will have a clear idea of what it is you are trying to achieve and also what you are trying to stay away from. Remember that success is never a destination; it is a journey.
  3. Don’t be afraid of fear! Fear will never go away so why try to avoid it? Miss Rizos said by doing things in fear it pushes her to do things she never thought she would do. The biggest risk you can take in life is to not take risks. It’s okay to be afraid, just don’t let that fear stop you from progressing.
  4. Write down your goals! I write everything in my journal just to keep track of  my thoughts and ideas so I can go back and read them at any time.
  5. Prioritize your TIME and MONEY! By keeping organized it will just make the journey easier.

These tips can honestly apply to anything in life, whether it be starting a business or going on a self-love journey. Whatever you’re doing, trust in your journey and enjoy the ride.  

This upcoming weekend I will be attending International Natural Hair Meetup Day in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. You can check to see if tickets are available in a city near you at! I can’t wait share my experience with you guys 💕


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  1. onelovekris says:

    Hey! ♡ I nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge!

    Hope you participate ♡

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